Who Doesn’t Want to Work From Home?!

Dec 27, 2010 • Breahna Galbreath

Or Why Telecommuting Makes Us Smarter, Faster, and Better Looking Than You

Telecommuting allows us to work from absolutely anywhere, whether it’s from home, a coffee shop or certainly far away from an office. It works for us.

Why does it work so well?

Our Fearless Leader tells us, “Fundamentally it’s because we have really great people.” That brings me to my first point.

Great People

We hire the best of the best, unbound by geographical constraints. We seek the best engineers, designers and managers. We find people who are both extremely talented and love what they do. You must love what you do to do it well. The motivation must start with yourself and I find it comes from doing what you enjoy.

Start with the Interviews

Every job starts with an interview. Our interviewing process is unique compared to most companies. Since we work together as a team, we hire as a team. One of our designers, Daniel Marino, wrote a blog post about it. We want to make sure that not only are we happy in working with you, but that you are happy and satisfied with your work and work environment. We went so far as to create a Chief Happiness Officer to make sure this happens.


This is the foundation of our Cramer Dev house: We are unafraid to change and adapt to make it work. We’ve adopted the best practices, and are always seeking and trying new ones. We have time tracking methods, scrum meetings, lean project management and constant communication. With this in place, nothing can stop us – not even nuclear disasters or magnets near our hard drives.

And as our Fearless Leader says, “Go for the results”.

Passionate About the Web

We might even be a little crazy about it sometimes. We want to know how the web works, inside-out and everything in between. What I love about our team is everyone takes the initiative to constantly learn the latest about the web. We also social network like mad: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn. You name it, we’re on it. (And if we’re not, you should probably tell us.)


That’s right, we see a hurdle and we jump it. Or at least we define the problem and write a pretty cool web application to tackle it. Either way, we’re always up for the challenge. We believe a problem should not only be explored and solved, but solved the very best way we know how – efficient and beautiful.

Time for Work, Time for Play

While we take web development and application development pretty seriously, we recognize there should be time to get to know each other, relax and joke around a little bit. To this end, we have an all-company chat. We use it to keep everyone up to date on the latest, including: alerts, potential issues, blog posts, funny videos, music, beer – you name it, it’s been in our chat.

We also make time to work together at our company meet-ups, on projects that we think are cool or interesting. Our last meet-up really fueled our latest idea: helping web developers process… It’s so good, I can’t even tell you yet!

Telecommuting may not be for every type of company, but it definitely helps us produce the best applications and web designs around. If this sounds like a party to you, drop us a line.