We Switched Our Site to Jekyll

Sep 25, 2014 • Brett Chalupa

We just switched our website to Jekyll from Wordpress, and I wanted to share why we did it.

First off, Jekyll is a static site generator that is focused on content. It generates your site from Liquid templates and Markdown. This means the site should be faster, and it also means we can host the site pretty much anywhere. We are currently hosting it on the freely available GitHub Pages.

A few of us at FullStack have experience with Jekyll, so we figured we would see what the transition would look like. After a day of experimentation, we decided that it would work, so we went full-steam ahead with the transition.

Why We Did It

It took two of us four days to transition the content and styles from the Wordpress site to Jekyll. Tristan rewrote the styles from .sass SASS to .scss SASS with Bourbon and Neat, and I manually migrated the content. It has been a little over a week since the switch, and so far so good. Reviewing articles through pull requests has been super useful, and the simplicity is refreshing.