I Sold My Other Company

Jul 19, 2011 • Josh Cramer

Over the last several years, Cramer Dev has grown in numbers and success. We now have a team consisting of 16 full-time designers, engineers, and product managers who are 100% devoted to building web & mobile applications, websites, and helping startup-minded organizations start up. Because of this success, we’ve built a bit of a reputation in some circles as a development team that can build about anything in the web and mobile space. This evolution has been an energizing and rewarding experience for everyone on the team. I must confess that when I started this business 10+ years ago, I wasn’t dreaming this big. As we’ve grown, I’ve learned to dream bigger, and now in some ways, I feel like we’re just getting started.

During this growth phase, my time has been somewhat divided as I worked on building and growing another company on the side. Cramer IT Consulting provides small business computer networking and high speed internet service to businesses in eastern Iowa and has a staff of ten. Although I count being CEO of two companies as a rewarding and rare opportunity, there is value in being able to focus. Through trying to lead two growing small businesses, I realized that there were opportunities in both companies that we were not able to fully capture because of my divided interests as CEO. In light of this, I made the decision to sell Cramer IT and pursue a situation where I could focus 100% of my energy on Cramer Dev.

On July 1st, 2011, after a period of negotiations and planning, I sold Cramer IT to Circle Computer Resources (CCR). CCR is a company that I have known and respected for some time and was a natural choice when we decided to look for a potential buyer. In addition to handing the company over to capable and dedicated leadership, I wanted to make sure that both clients and staff were well cared for in the transition. These goals were met and exceeded and I am happy to be working with CCR in the transition over the next several months.

I sincerely thank everyone who believed in us, supported us, and gave us the opportunity to build great things on the web. Our growth and success has been a direct result of the amazing clients that we have had opportunity to serve and is a testimony on the fantastic team that I have the pleasure of being able to work with every day. As my responsibilities as CEO of Cramer IT are phased out, I am looking forward to dedicating 100% of my time and energy as CEO of Cramer Dev as we build bigger and better things in the web and mobile software arena.