Radiology Protocols

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Stephen Baker had been working as a radiology tech for several years when he had an epiphany. Up until then, everyone working in the radiology field relied on a certain set of protocols for capturing necessary images and scans to help doctors diagnose problems. These protocols were maintained in binders and notebooks, and when one needed to be changed, an administrator had to make paper copies and distribute them by hand within the health group to the appropriate individuals. This type of antiquated workflow resulted in out dated protocols, incorrect application of protocols to scanning, and ultimately bad scans that had to be redone in order to make an accurate diagnoses. This was (and still is) costing hospitals and health institutions billions of dollars a year.

Steve had been paying close enough attention to technological developments to know that cloud based services were enabling organizations to seamlessly keep data and information up to date across any set of computers that had an internet connection. All hospitals and radiology centers have these two key components, so why not create an application that allows radiologists, technicians, administrators, and researchers to create and maintain digital libraries for their protocols. In fact, why not make the system smart enough to recommend protocols, contrast dosages, and image run techniques based on specific medical conditions to the technicians carrying out the imaging. He thought this was a surefire way to reduce repeat scans, save hospitals and medical institutions millions of wasted dollars, and help bring radiology quality into the twenty-first century. The only problem - Steve had zero technical knowledge and had never started his own business.

He approached Cramer Development with his idea, making a solid case for the value proposition. He also clearly articulated the areas he needed help - design, development, scaling, optimization, customer development, and most importantly - how to start a new tech business from scratch. We got to work building a prototype of the application with Ruby On Rails - providing a mechanism to generate revenue from customers by integrating Recurly’s subscription billing service, creating a custom Photoshop-esque image editor for manipulating scans, and developing a robust protocol database management and distribution system.

Although early in the product lifecycle, Radiology Protocols has proven it’s value proposition by signing the University of Iowa’s Health System as a major customer, as well as establishing partnerships with a number of industry players to be one of the market leaders in cloud-based protocol management applications.