Koala Pay

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Koala Pay is a merchant loyalty, mobile payments, and consumer deals platform we launched in late 2012. Leveraging Dwolla’s payment network, we built an iOS application that allows people to pay their local merchants, buy prepaid deals, and easily keep track of their balances. We also built a web app for merchants to connect with their customers, view live payments, create and manage deals, and gain valuable insights into their most loyal customer so they can reward them. Co-founded by FullStack and Troy Miller, Koala Pay has been steadily gaining traction in the Eastern Iowa market. This was (and still is) a fun project on many levels. It allowed our developers to gain more experience with building native mobile applications, architecting a scalable multi-platform product to sync data between the iOS app and the merchant app, and iteratively developing a robust system based on feedback from customer discovery experiments. Using the lean framework as the foundation for the product’s growth, we’ve had the opportunity to create numerous testing tools for quickly deploying new features and getting feedback from end users. You can check out Koala Pay by downloading the app from Apple’s App Store or visiting the Koala Pay website.