Startup Advisement and Incubation

The context of a business model is the most effective way to build economically sustainable engines that create and deliver new value to people.

These businesses are called Startups. Startups are defined as, “temporary organizations designed to discover a scalable and repeatable business model” (~Steve Blank). To be successful in a Startup, a diverse set of disciplines must be masterfully executed including: software engineering, art & design, product management, marketing, finance, and strategic planning.

With over 20 years of experience building internet-based products and businesses, we’ve found ourselves in a position to be helpful to internet startups from an advisement and incubation standpoint.

Startup Advisement

Based on extensive experience working with hundreds of founders and startups, FullStack brings a unique and diverse perspective to the table. We’ve helped startups create core technology roadmaps and have been involved in numerous product launches. We’re eager to bring our experience to bear in your unique venture and look forward to seeing you succeed!

CTO or Interim CTO

We’ve filled the role of CTO for several startups in recent years. Leveraging FullStack and/or Josh Cramer as your CTO / Interim CTO can often be an effective way to fill this need without compromising the quality of technical expertise in your early-stage startup.

Business Model Ideation

Starting with our Ideation Consulting process, we help startups continue to iterate on their business models and to develop additional strategies that help them grow. Our business model design efforts include a variety of elements including Go-to-market plan creation, user testing strategy, user experience design, product development roadmap creation, analytics, and KPI definition, defining a minimum viable product, market research, and more.

Technical Audits

Getting an outside perspective on your technology stack and architecture can be extraordinarily helpful. Our development team has worked on and seen a variety of apps in all stages of development. We will assess the status of your systems from perspectives of security, application architecture, data architecture, dev ops, and provide follow-up recommendations in each area.

Technology Risk Assessment

De-risking your technology stack is an inevitable pursuit when your startup begins to scale. We’ve helped startups transition from a prototype or version 1 application to a stable and scalable environment that contains a degree of redundancy and scalability. We offer consulting and engineering services in this space to help you identify risks, mitigate them, and address them with contingency plans.

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