Design & Development

If you’ve ever loved using a web or mobile application, you’ll know what we mean when we say “complexity made simple is beautiful.” Our designers and developers build applications that solve real problems for their users. We use industry best practices and build our applications with scalability and maintainability in mind.


This single word covers a wide range of activities all of which are focused on creating the optimal user experience regardless of device or screen size. We take an iterative approach to design where we collaborate early and often with stakeholders, developers, project managers and users. The design evolves from early sketches into wireframes, prototypes and ultimately a finely polished product. Involving the entire team in a user centered design process keeps us focused on the most important features while maintaining a high level of usability.

All of our designers are skilled in UX Design, Visual Design, Front-End Development, and even integration into the view. It is harder to find individuals who possess this broad range of skills, but we think it makes the process of building great web and mobile applications much more efficient.

While the vast majority of our work is in building interactive web and mobile applications, we also dabble in occasional basic web design projects for clients in Iowa City.


We are problem solvers. If we determine that your problem is best solved with software, we’ll work with you to identify a suitable solution, and build it using the best tools available. While we build, we thrive on feedback: our daily stand-ups form a project’s heartbeat; the tests we write guide us towards simple, correct solutions; and we validate the efficacy of our software by delivering it frequently. In our experience, this type of continuous feedback guides us to neither over-, nor under-engineer solutions, and produces sustainable code that not only solves today’s problems, but that is also receptive to the changes required tomorrow.

We like to call ourselves a full stack interactive product development team. We have specialists in iOS development, Android development, Ruby on Rails, Python, PHP, AWS, PostgreSQL, MySQL, and more.

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