Fractional CTO & Technical Advisement Services

One of the challenges many organizations face is finding experienced technical leadership to help provide guidance through periods of transition and growth. FullStack provides fractional CTO and technical advisement services to growing organizations.

Fractional CTO Services

Josh Cramer has served as a Chief Technology Officer and Technical Architect for a variety of organizations to help guide through transitional and growth periods. His leadership has resulted in the creation of new businesses, new and revised software architectures, new teams, and enhanced product strategies. Josh brings a diverse set of technical skills and perspectives to the mix.

Technical Advisement

We offer technical advisement to organizations at all stages that spans a variety of domains including:

Backed by Experience

For over two decades, Josh Cramer and Mike Biang have helped organizations navigate the stages of growth as technology leaders. Mike and Josh are able to apply proven strategies and tactics to almost any technical situation based on experience in hundreds of different technical situations.

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