Business & Product Ideation

Without a viable business model, products rarely succeed. The goal of our ideation process is to discover a scalable and repeatable business model that generates sustainable revenue for our clients by delivering value to their customers.

It’s not easy to build a successful business. Recent research conducted by Harvard Business Professor Shikhar Ghosh reveals that 3 out of 4 startups fail. This is a shocking figure, especially when you think about all of the money, human resources, and sweat equity lost forever. What did Ghosh identify as the main reason for failure? The majority of startups lacked the foresight and balanced business model to grow a sufficient customer base to generate the revenues needed for sustainable growth. Either startups tried to scale the wrong product too fast, or they were guilty of trying to build a product in a vacuum and then get customers to see things from their perspective.

Our approach to building products is a bit different. We believe in being agile, running lean, and scaling products and development efforts based on validated learning backed by real data. Through the years of actively practicing this methodology, we’ve honed in on a very effective framework for generating scalable business models that solve actual customer needs without costing hundreds of thousands of dollars. Our business and ideation framework is more than just a one time process. It’s a fundamental and concrete change in the way we help you approach starting a business and growing it to success.

The core tools we employ during business and product ideation are:

We provide stand-alone ideation consulting, ongoing training, and integration of our framework into new and existing product development projects. We’re passionate about helping our customers build successful products and businesses and we strongly recommend starting here if you have a new business or product idea.

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