Broadband Consulting and Network Engineering

Stable and fast connectivity is essential in our evolving and connected society. FullStack provides business and network consulting for municipal broadband operators.

Custom Software Solutions

With deep background in custom software design and engineering, FullStack has the capability to implement a suite of tools to streamline operations of a Broadband Operator. Automation of new customer onboarding, customer service monitoring, and service provisioning can reduce staffing costs and create better service experiences for customers and team members. Software solutions include:

Municipal Broadband Strategic Planning

Through strategic and operational consulting, FullStack can help forward thinking municipalities work through the phases of planning, launching, and operating a successful municipal broadband utility. By leveraging experience in commercial and municipal ISP operations, FullStack offers expertise in the following areas:

Municipal Broadband Operational Consulting

An operational plan is the foundation for any successful execution of a strategic plan. FullStack helps municipal broadband operators successfully plan for and execute operational plans based on a set of validated industry best practices. Areas of focus include:

Network Architecture and Engineering

Proper network architecture and engineering is essential to creating a great customer experience and minimizing service disruptions. FullStack has functional experience in the following areas:

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